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Below are the 2 digit SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes that we use to select the types of business that you require to build your desired mailing lists. The table consists of SIC Code & Business Catagory.

If you wish to make a more targeted mailing list, simply click a catagory below to see the sub catagories available. You will now see the 5 digit SIC code & Sub Catagory. Mix and match your chosen SIC's to create your ideal mailing list.

01 Agriculture and Hunting
02 Forestry and Logging Services
05 Forestry and Fish Hatcheries
10 Mining of Coal
11 Extract Crude Petroleum and Gas
13 Mining of Metal Ores
14 Other Mining and Quarrying
15 Manufacture of Food and Beverages
15110 Production and preserving of meat
15112 Animal by-product processing
15131 Bacon and ham production
15132 Other meat and poultry meat processing
15202 Other fish processing and preserving
15320 Manufacture of fruit and vegetable juice
15330 Processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables not elsewhere classified
15430 Manufacture of margarine and similar edible fats
15512 Butter and cheese production
15520 Manufacture of ice cream
15610 Manufacture of grain mill products
15720 Manufacture of prepared pet foods
15810 Manufacture of bread; manufacture of fresh pastry goods and cakes
15820 Manufacture of rusks and biscuits; manufacture of preserved pastry goods and cakes
15830 Manufacture of sugar
15840 Manufacture of cocoa; chocolate and sugar confectionery
15842 Manufacture of sugar confectionery
15870 Manufacture of condiments and seasonings
15880 Manufacture of homogenised food preparations and dietetic food
15890 Manufacture of other food products not elsewhere classified
15910 Manufacture of distilled potable alcoholic beverages
15940 Manufacture of cider and other fruit wines
15960 Manufacture of beer
15980 Production of mineral waters and soft drinks
16 Manufacture of Tobacco Products
17 Manufacture of Textiles
18 Manufacture of Wearing Apparel
19 Tanning and Dressing Of Leather
20 Manufacture of Wood and Products of Wood
21 Manufacture of Pulp Paper and Paper Products
22 Publishing and Printing
23 Manufacture of Coke and Refined Petroleum
24 Manufacture of Chemicals and Chemical Products
25 Manufacture of Rubber and Plastic Products
26 Manufacture of Other Non-Metallic Mineral
27 Manufacture of Basic Metals
28 Manufacture of Fabricated Metal Products
29 Manufacture of Machinery and Equipment
30 Manufacture of Office Machines and Computer
31 Manufacture of Electrial Machinery
32 Manufacture of Television and Line Telephone
33 Manufacture of Medical and Optical Instruments
34 Manufacture of Motor Vehicles and Trailers
35 Manufacture Of Other Transport Equipment
36 Manufacture of Furniture and Manufactureing N.E.C
37 Recycling
40 Electricity Gas Steam and Hot
41 Collect and Distribute Water
45 Construction
50 Sale and Maintenance of Motor Vehicle
51 Wholesalers Trade and Commission
52 Retail Trade
55 Hotels and Restaurants
60 Land Transport
61 Water Transport
62 Air Transport
63 Supporting and Auxiliary Transport
64 Post and Telecommunications
65 Financial Intermediation
66 Insurance and Pension Funding
67 Activities Auxiliary to Finance
70 Real Estate Activities
71 Renting Machinery and Equipment
72 Computer and Related Activities
73 Research and Development
74 Other Business Activity
75 Public Administration
80 Education
85 Health and Social Work
90 Sewage and Refuse Disposal
91 Activities Membership Organisations
92 Recreational Cultural and Sport
93 Other Service Activities
95 Private Households
99 Extra Territorial Organisations and Bodies